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Differences in humans are in part due to different personalities. Through genetic dispositions and our experiences throughout life, e.g. in our childhood and youth, our brains are unique in the way they function. The functioning of our brain is fairly consistent throughout life and influences how we perceive the world, the decisions we make, and how we behave. Hence, the functioning of our brain defines our unique personalities.


Personality manifests itself in various mental aspects, depending on the unique functioning of our brain:

  • Underlying personality traits resulting from the characteristics of our central brain systems
  • Self-regulation competencies
  • Unconscious and conscious motives
  • Cognitive competencies
  • Interaction between cognitive systems and affects
  • Only about 5 % of all processes in the brain take place in regions that allow for conscious processing


Mental & Implicit Diagnostics

The MD SPORT & PROFILE  is a modern personality test. Special about this test is its measurement of unconscious processes of our brain. 95% of our behaviour is the result of intuition and follows our typical mental and behavioural patterns, our personality.

The MD SPORT & PROFILE helps us to understand the way we perceive the world. This is important, as this is decisive for how we behave in different situations.


With the help of the MD SPORT & PROFILE, behaviour can be optimized, which is especially important and beneficial in sports. The MD SPORT & PROFILE has been proven and tested: with the test results in hand, many athletes and coaches from various sports were able to learn more about themselves and others. While delivering input for self-development, the test results also allow for refinement of mental strategies applied during competition.


The test report is 16 pages long and includes analyses and statements about the following:

personal strengths and weaknesses, team-, leadership-, stress-, and conflict behaviour, the preferred way of communication, and advice on personal and mental development (from the perspective of both athlete and coach).


How does the MD SPORT & PROFILE test work?


The MD SPORT & PROFILE is conducted online. After receiving a TAN, a web link to the test, you copy the link into your browser and you are ready to go. The completion of the test takes about 8-10 minutes. The test does not include any explicit questions. Instead you are presented several visual tasks that measure how you perceive the world around you. Because of the implicit nature of this test, participants may be as young as 10 or 11 years of age.


The test should be taken in a silent environment (no spectators, no smart phones, etc.).


The results are available in form of a personalized report approximately 3 days after the completion of the test. You got a mail with your report in PDF-form. PLEASE SAVE YOUR TEST-REPORT RIGHT AWAY and read it. 


In a personal talk I analyse the special mental dynamic of your report (in 60 minutes). And I answer your questions.


Example of MD Sport report

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 252.3 KB

MD Premium

three options


Taking the MD SPORT & PROFILE test oftentimes yields fascinating results. Being an athlete, how do you perceive the competition? How does your brain judge various situations during competition? How well trained are your perception systems? What is your intuitive and instinctive behaviour and how do you use this understanding for yourself? What are your motives and how do they drive your behaviour? All these aspects are analysed and help understand among other things how you make decisions and your ambition.


Team Analysis

In team sports (or business), it doesn’t suffice when each athlete delivers her or his individual performance. The cooperation between team members and between the team and the coach needs to be optimized. The MD SPORT & PROFILE analyses the structure of teams and allows for predictions about optimal competitive strategies for teams. The MD SPORT & PROFILE further identifies a team leader who is best able to take on responsibilities specific to the needs of the team. Specific functions for each team member are identified, specific to the needs and capabilities of each athlete.



As a coach, you will receive detailed consultation on mental aspects of sports with regard to single athletes and whole teams.


You will be provided with insightful information on how to personally address each athlete and, ultimately, how to optimize the performance of your entire team.




As a mental diagnostic tool, MD SPORT & PROFILE, is an excellent choice to inform your decisions when scouting for athletes to complement or improve the performance of your team.


As of now, we offer the MD SPORT & PROFILE in English and German language.



On the basis of the test results, the MD SPORT & PROFILE allows athletes and coaches to formulate strategies on how to develop their mental capabilities. We will provide you with a program that will help you to realize the successful improvement of your mental capabilities.



In the past, we have developed programs in cooperation with Fabian Bünker (Golf) and in cooperation with the youth academy at VfL Wolfsburg, with Thomas Tuchel, Fortuna 95 Düsseldorf (all Soccer).

Taking the MD TEST


The MD SPORT & PROFILE and the diagnostic module is available in the Shop (link) for  BASIC-Version 190€ + tax/VAT (Germany) or 290€ + tax/VAT for PREMIUM. Besides different diagnostic modules, we offer different forms of consultations.


The results may be presented in person in a one-on-one session, or via telephone/Zoom. 



You may complete your order through the payment via Paypal.



After we have received your payment, you will receive an invoice, your test-tans and detailed descriptions on the test procedures via email.



Now you may proceed to take the test. The test takes about 8-10 minutes. After the test has been completed, the test results will appear til 3 days in a PDF document. Please save the report immediately.


Together an appointment will be set during which the test results will be explained to you in detail and individual questions will be answered. Preferred modes of communicating the test results are in person, via telephone, via zoom or via skype.


You should read the test results and note any questions you might have prior to going into the meeting with the profiler. During the oral feedback session, which takes about 60 minutes, the profiler focuses on your personal characteristics, as well as any personal questions you might have. The profiler is trained to answer your personal questions so as to improve your mental performance during competitions.



Would you like to analyse your entire sports or business team to improve its overall performance? Please send us an email with questions you might have and how many people will participate in the analyses. Of course, we are happy to discuss any of your personal questions via mail or telephone.


In order to do a group analysis, you will be provided with an excel list that includes several test-tans. We need you to note the names of the participants and assign them a test-tan each. After each participant has been assigned a test-tan, you may return the list to us and we conduct the analysis of the entire team. The analysis will help coaches make sense of the personal profiles of each athlete within a given team, including their leadership potential, their mental and strategic strengths and weaknesses, and much more.


Mental scores -                                                                                              mental review for more performance

Acting mentally strong! Victory! Show your passion in YOUR TENNIS TOURNAMENT! But how can mental performance be scaled and transformed into an effective and fair form of feedback? The tool "Mental Scores", developed from practical experience, helps to achieve this.


With "mental scores" - consisting of three points of view - mental performances in a competition are considered and scaled. Thus it brings clarity and stability to mental performance and at the same time strengthens self-responsibility. Additional tips support the specific training and use of existing talents. The desired success will be achieved quickly and will remain sustainable.





Are you looking for effective training equipment to optimize your "mental golf game"? Finally play mentally strong and stable? With the Golf Mental training program described here you will succeed!


The University of Chicago was able to demonstrate in a study that golfers who think as little as possible about the game and need less time for the shot are more successful. They almost play hypno-golf.


In the varied exercises shown, the mental training, which is rather perceived as passive, is actively and systematically combined with the GOLFtraining - from correct golf breathing to the mental task of speed golf. For golfers and trainers, this is an inspiring variant of a mental golf training. Also ideal for a training camp.



All exercises are peppered with different options. So it never gets boring. With mental coin lists, the training performance is always kept in view. These can be compared and thus lead to the desired success. The tournament players will quickly want to play out a "Mental GOLF Master". Your new mental strengths will quickly establish themselves in the tournament.

Golf MENTAL COINS - Example.pdf
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Mental Dynamic and Soccer practice

A frequent and logical question among coaches and athletes is, “How can I use the test results of the ViQ to improve soccer practices? Are we able to improve our perception, our mental potential, and, thereby, improve our game?


The book “Mental Soccer Training” offers detailed answers to latter questions. During four years of collaboration with Sinisa Suker (Fortuna Düsseldorf U19), Markus Hirte (former NLZ-coordinater Fortuna Düsseldorf), and Samir Sisic (U17), I have debated and experimented with different forms of practice.


All exercises may immediately be used in practice sessions. However, it will require patience and frequent repetition for results to show. Studies with professionals in the Bundesliga have confirmed these observations. Existing exercises may be complemented or new exercises may be created on the basis of our principles. If you are interested, you may share your type of practice on this website.


In the end, we would like to inspire and engage in a conversation with positive pedagogical value. We strive to share our experiences in developing personalities and prioritizing perception, in order to foster the development of both coaches and athletes.


You will find more information about Mental Soccer here (in german language):


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