Heiko Hansen

Education and experiences

Qualified social education worker, senior coach with 30 years of experience, mediator, hypnotist, Wing-Wave Coach,
MD profiler & instructor, developer of the MD Sport (reports and diagnostic) and mental soccer, author of several books.


Sport pedagogue/ mental coach at several  soccer academy´s: VfL Wolfsburg (2013-2017), FC Ingolstadt 04 (2015-2017), VfL Bochum (2015-2017), Fortuna 95 Düsseldorf (2012-2016).
Professional Soccer Clubs / 1.Bundesliga and players: Mainz 05 (Coach: Thomas Tuchel / 2013/2014), Hamburger SV (2014/15), VfL Bochum, FC Ingolstadt 04.


Mental coach in various sports, such as Golf, Professional Boxing (over 40 World Champion Titles as Mentaltrainer). 2006-2012 promotions and training of various German, European and World champions in boxing.



Personalities and talent in all aspects have fascinated me ever since I have been three years old. I always sought to understand why people behave a certain way; why I disliked some and liked others, why some are good at something and why others are better at other things. I use the same approach when doing personality testing; the test helps to understand how someone’s personality functions, what her or his mental strategies/ dynamics, tendencies and imprints are – without condemning or putting a mark on anybody.


That is typical for me! And this is the reason why I am doing this. This way, it fits 100%. It’s all about the fit and practice of the single components of success, taking into account the mentality, motivation, and commitment.



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